Make a Portrait

Wooden construction set

‘Make a portrait’ is a game where children can create endless characters and personalities of different ages and nationalities. There is a face base and 48 face parts - hair, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, mustaches and glasses. All the parts are double-sided to extend the creative possibilities. Children can make portraits of their friends and relatives, take photos of them and decorate their playroom.

They will also be able to express emotions through the eyes, mouths and eyebrows. This feature is particularly appealing to parents who have children with autism.

A stylish and quality toy which educates, entertains, encourages imagination and helps children express their emotions.

In 2012 in Paris (France) the constructor "Make a portrait" got the audience award from the French Association of Toy Libraries.


birch plywood

Box sizes:
33×33×6 см