SHUSHA is a brand of games inspired by innovative ideas and with a common recognisable styling. Our styling is based on late XIX and early XX century Russian art. The rich artistic tradition of that era was highly inclusive with a rich legacy of paintings, music, theatre and literature, serving as one of the more successful periods in Russian culture. It's that very legacy that put Russia on top culturally over that period of time. We are aiming at creating a Russian child-oriented brand visible on global market.

Today, our toys can be bought in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, USA and Europe.

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Who does it look like?

An original block kit which allows children to create different faces

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Children select suitable parts and create a tree which shows one of the seasons of the year

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Fairy tales

A fabulous block kit which allows children to create their favorite fairytale characters

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Animal world

A fun toy where children can create different animals

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SHUSHA also works as a design studio. We have different common projects, where we personally create customized ideas, design and arrange all the technical details.

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